What can I do?? 

Every day activism - are those little somethings you can do on your phone if you find yourself at a loose end - small things that if enough people do it can make a difference in how costume is perceived.

If you are on Twitter or facebook - use it to increase the visibility of costume.

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- Comment on costume you like and why. On twitter use the Designers and Theatres names to increase their exposure. Possible tweet might be

       "Watching #groundhogday @oldvictheatre @GHDmusical loving costumes! designer #RobHowell"

If the designer does not have a twitter name use #theirname and people can still find them.

- Challenge the credits on theatre programmes if they do not list costume professionals. On twitter use the Designers name and the Producers name. Possible tweet might be  

       "Watching #Musical @theatre @producers Loving the costumes but no designer credited!?!?"

- Challenge reviews that mention staging, lighting and sound but omit costume. Retweet or share on facebook reviewers who do mention costume, giving them more exposure.

Direct tweet the reviewer to praise them for the review. 

- Challenge images in print media and online that use images of costume but do not credit the costume designer by emailing the publication asking who the costume designer is.