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Costume Professionals Appreciation Day was started by CiTEA in 2016 as an annual event to celebrate the amazing people in the costume industry and the incredible work they do!

It happens every year on 23rd July

With so many students and graduates entering the costume workforce for the first time just as we are coming back from more than a year of upheaval in our industry, we think that it would be amazing to share with them some of the big lessons and thoughtful advice that we have learnt so far.

This year we are asking that everyone shares images and stories on social media from a job where they learnt something important, or give a shout out to the person they learnt it from! Let your colleagues, lecturers, collaborators and friends know how incredible they are and share their wisdom!

CiTEA love costume 2021.jpg

Students and Grads! We know there is plenty we can learn from you too! What have you learnt in your training that you want to bring into your practice? What have you seen already that you think needs some positive change? 
If you're from another department and want to show your love to the costume pros in your life, why not share the stories of the important things you've learnt from them! Costume Designers, Costume Supervisors, Costume Makers, Heads and Deputy Heads of Wardrobe, Wardrobe Assistants and Dressers are all fonts of wisdom and we'd love to hear your stories from them too!

Share using the hashtag #LoveCostume2021 so we can find and share your advice! 

To see some of the highlights from previous Costume Professionals Appreciation Days, head over to the CiTEA instagram on @WeAreCiTEA and see our story highlights.

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