For a long time, Costume Supervisors have been telling us that their pay does not match their hours worked or the responsibility of their role. Between June and September 2019 we launched a Pay Survey to get an idea of what the reality is. We are presenting this information to an open meeting of costume professionals to decide what action we want to take about it. 

If you are a freelance Costume Supervisor working in Theatre, Opera or Dance please come along to lend your voice to this urgent discussion.

Union Week

Earlier this year we hosted a meeting with BECTU in which they responded to costume professionals concerns. Amongst the issues raised were pay, conditions, job recognition, parity with stage departments and respect. The issue of membership was a sensitive one with many feeling previously let down by BECTU and understandably reticent to join.

BECTU laid out their vision for how the union might support costume professionals in the future if membership picks up and more costume workers are willing to get involved with grass roots activities. We at CITA were greatly encouraged by this renewed commitment and as a show of faith we are encouraging costume professionals to join and get active.

Amongst the positive moves from BECTU is the understanding that so many of us are freelancers and do not solely work in one building therefore our concerns are not catered for by the BECTU members in the branch, BECTU have responded by creating a costume forum for freelancers in London, this group is dedicated to freelance costume concerns. Currently also in creation is a pamphlet with costume workers rights and agreements spelled out and portable in a pocket size guide. Currently also underway is the formation of a steering committee to create a rate card for Supervisors. We encourage all costume professionals to get involved and make their voices heard. 

Things are changing, be part of the change.




BECTU in response to costume

For those who are unsure of what BECTU can offer Costume professionals.

Here is a follow up to our successful "Costume in Conversation" meeting of last year. 

Come along and listen to what BECTU are currently up to - and what they can do for costume professionals in the future if there is a greater representation of costume professionals in the union. 

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