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Whilst still a student, or when you first graduate, dressing is a great first step into the industry. We have put together this list of what you are expected to have with you in your kit as a dresser, and a few things that are useful additions. 

What your should have:

  • Dressing bumbag -  or really whatever you find easiest to carry your stuff in, but remember to keep it black!

  • Head torch - especially useful for helping with shoe buckles and jewellery fastenings in dark corners. 

  • Shoe horn

  • Snips/Small scissors 

  • Safety pins (various sizes) - most wardrobe teams will have a stash that you can grab a handful of if needed. 

  • Sewing needles

  • Thread - black, white and grey will usually cover most eventualities!

  • Small notepad/paper and a pen - good for making your own notes on your dressing plot, and for keeping track on any repairs you need to pass on to wardrobe. 

Useful Additions

  • Lighter - great for fraying elastic laces! 

  • Plasters - Check out the Real Skin Tone Resource page for links to get plasters in a variety of skin tones. 

  • Lens cleaner and cloth

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