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What can I do? 

Write to Tracy Brabin MP 

She is seeking evidence from freelancers and theatre workers for submission to All-Party Parliamentary Group for Theatre. 


One of our members has written an amazing email - please use any elements that you are passionate about to make the case for theatre to government.

Dear Ms Brabin MP,


I hope this email finds you safe and well and that all your family and those close to you in your community have managed to stay safe and well throughout the last difficult few months.


I am an experienced costume maker who, since 1983 has been privileged to work with the most wonderful theatre companies in the country and since being freelance since 1992 the best producers, directors, writers, musicians, designers, actors, back stage staff but more importantly (and I am bias!) the most brilliant costume supervisors, deputies, costume and costumes prop makers, dressers and wardobe mistresses. 


We have exceptional talent in this country and we always pass on the very best qualities of our trade to those who are coming into the industry and nurture and care for those who have worked for years securing the world renown reputation we have built up for many many years.


Theatre is the facility that provides the prefect environment for people who have studied the many elements of this industry at colleges and universities, to further develop their craft which then takes them to the film and TV industry. Production companies are building studios to take advantage of the fantastic talent we have here.


In the community, theatres provide entertainment for all tastes, from musicals to history plays to drama to comedies. 

We provide vital resources to educate people but also to children who, when they come and see something they are studying, are able to connect and see the lesson in a totally different light. 


These vital services should not be lost but given extra help to reach out to even more people in the communities that especially at this time are looking for light relief from the pressures this country is under not just from the Covid Virus but the strain that people will endure under Brexit and the uncertainty that will bring too.


During the recession that started in 2008 the population maintained their love of theatre and kept going to see the most amazing shows that were produced in the West End and in the regions. And until the lock down they were still going strong. We have returned this loyalty, by making theatre accessible to all sections of society with many cheap seats, by providing organised ticket allocation procedures, so that the biggest most popular productions can be seen quickly rather waiting years to get seats. 


We have invented the system where theatre has been seen in cinemas with NTlive productions, bringing top quality productions to audiences all over the country and again this has gone all over the world.


Finally I would like to point out that since lock down we have all worked incredibly hard to keep the population's spirits high by screening  fantastic productions live online. There has been serious plays, comedies, operas, ballets and musicals. We were the very first to see that there was a great opportunity in getting DRIVE-IN productions organised and cinemas have followed our example. 


 We really do our best to overcome our difficulties and give to the communities we serve. We listen to the needs and demands of those who love us and are loyal to us but also work hard to keep new audiences becoming enthralled with our work.


But we also value those of you who support us through government subsidies and grants. We couldn't do what we do without you and we truly hope that you can see that we are really worth the value we give back to the country.


Sam Mendes put forward a scheme to justify investment in the theatre industry from the government. Thousands have signed petitions and we are very grateful for the response the government gave by allocating the funds they have.


We need to have the funding to come through quickly, so that buildings and those people working in them can plan and survive and those people who have not been able to maintain a reasonable living during this difficult time can obtain financial help.


Please help us to help others to continue to thrive now and in the future. 


Yours sincerely

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