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The most important aspect of safe working is collaboration. Costume is not an island, we need to work with all other other departments to ensure the safety of all theatre workers both backstage and in rehearsal rooms and workrooms. 

It is vital that costume workers feel able to talk to the people who hold the legal responsibility for their Health and Safety- be they Venue Managers, Producers, Production Managers and Health and Safety Managers.

Here are some questions you can ask to ensure that your workspace is safe:

1. Can I see your Covid-19 safe return to work Risk Assessments for Costume?

2. Can I see your Covid-19 safety policy?

3. What is your protocol for confirmed Covid-19 case?

4. What is your protocol if a performer falls ill during a performance?

5. What is your cleaning regimen? How frequently do professional cleaners come into the venue?

6. If there is a problem, do I go to the producer or the venue manager?

7. PPE is the responsibility of the employer - where do we collect it?

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