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This is SERIOUS! We are seeing members already being dropped form long standing jobs because they don’t have an EU passport. Please support, sign the petition. The pandemic has overshadowed this Brexit issue, now is the time to MAKE SOME NOISE. 

This is what we are talking about. The costs to send costume to the EU has tripled due to carnet costs, transport, tax & duty. Extra admin costs and extra time to pack and ship. Fabric suppliers charging extra admin costs to ship to the UK & that is before we add visas. 

The liability is on the individual not the company so pressure will be on and exploitation will be common as folk either don’t understand the rules or don’t care because they need the work. We see it with the US when costume workers are asked to travel and work on an ETSA - risking deportation, fines and in some cases permanent bans from entry to the country. As companies struggle with the costs of Brexit they make desperate asks of their staff.

We can’t afford to risk it, we are working with @CarryonTouring_ and will continue to keep pressure on the UK government and EU to come up with a solution NOW!

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We would like the UK Govt to negotiate a free cultural work permit that gives us visa free travel throughout the 27 EU states for music touring professionals, bands, musicians, artists, TV and sports celebrities that tour the EU to perform shows and events & Carnet exception for touring equipment.

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Carry On Touring hosted a fantastic summit on the issues faced by UK touring professionals and the necessary solutions. Including contributions from Tim Brennan, creator of the Carry On Touring petition, professionals from the music and entertainment industries and members of the UK parliament. 

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