This is where you can find the ways you can easily get involved with activism as part of the costume industry. This includes getting involved in campaigns from CiTEA, our affiliate organisations and other relevant groups, links to take part in surveys to better inform those campaigns, 

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The Office for Students is undergoing a consultation on recurrent funding for 2021/22 in repsonse to a statuatory  guidance letter from the government. ⁠

One of the changes that "the government would like to see" in of the OfS distributes the grant is:⁠⁠
"A reduction by half to high cost subject funding... that is for courses in performing and creative arts, media studies and archaeology."⁠

The consultation on this is open until MAY 6TH for responses. We encourage you to respond to the consultation via the OfS website - OfficeForStudents.org.uk⁠


Reset Better originally started as a small group of Production Managers Forum (PMF) members during The Great Pause of 2020/21 brainstorming the ideas around going back to an industry that has a better work/life balance and how the mindset of “We’ve always done it this way” has left many of our co-workers burnt out and mentally scarred as they compete in the workplace contending with low pay, long hours and often little respect for their part in helping to create world-beating art.⁠

We know costume workers feel this too and encourage anyone who is interested to join the conversation to visit the PMF website to learn more. 

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The Association of British Theatre Technicians (ABTT) publishes a book which sets out the physical standards for buildings, their equipment and the good management of the premises so as to provide for the safety of the performers, staff and the public in premises used for entertainment.
It is intended for the use of both the responsible authorities and licensees alike as a guide to good practice for anyone concerned with the building and maintenance of places of entertainment.

CiTEA are working to establish technical standards for costume in theatre, so we are keen to know what your experience is of the wardrobe departments you have worked in. The information we gather from this survey will be used to represent costume workers concerns to the Technical Standards committee in order to better working conditions for costume.

Take the survey here.

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The SBTD Sustainability Costume Group is planning to relaunch THE ATTIC. The Attic was first conceived in 2017 and created a much needed service for freelance theatre designers, wardrobe supervisors, theatre companies and organisations, that could donate and hire used costumes from them.

Now, in 2021, they’re planning to make this service as efficient as possible, running it as a CIC business with permanent premises, workspace and workshops creating a valuable asset to the theatre community.

Click HERE to take the survey to better inform The Attic on how YOU as individuals and/or organisations would like to use their service.

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 Following recent announcements from the Victoria and Albert Museum regarding its proposals to restructure of their collections, we at CiTEA share the concerns of many others in our industry about the future of the Theatre and Performance collection. ⁠

The Theatre and Performance Department and the knowledge of its staff are of such great value to the costume industry and we believe it would be a great disservice to the whole arts and culture sector for the V&A to move forward with their proposed restructuring and redundancies. ⁠

We encourage everyone to sign the petition HERE and make your feelings known to Tristram Hunt and the Victoria and Albert Museum’s management. ⁠⁠