Costume Coffee Breaks 

Join us for an informal chat; a chance to meet up with old faces and new faces and stay connected to the industry

Costume is the literal fabric that can hold a show together

Costume Professionals know the massive contribution we make to a final production. 

The Costume In Theatre Association want to take that information into the wider theatre world.  

CITA seeks to;

Celebrate good Costume and good Costume Practice wherever we find it.

Educate future Directors and Designers about the impact costume can have for their production and how best to get the most out of their costume team.

Engage Production Managers, Technical Directors and Producers to support the costume creation process and use their skills to support their Costume teams. 


Create a community of Costume in Theatre professionals who can support and nurture each other, provide learning opportunities and advice from real world experience. 

From 1 February we can be contacted by email;


and also via social media:
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Listen to our Co-Chair, Catherine Kodicek talking about women in theatre for International Women's Day as part of a panel on Soho Radio show What's Offstage


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